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I feel so stupid, not even embarrassed, but just stupid. Working in a restaurant as a hostess. Hosting my ex Clients or my fellow students, who are ex-fellow students now.
Not even unaccomplished, but misunderstood and stupid.
On the other hand , the cashiers at the pharmacies don't actually think all this pervert things when one buys condoms.It's all in one's head.
Fuck it. I have great stressless job, exactly what I needed all along. Well paid for what I do, although not enough for my expenses.


bilo je stvarno strasno sinoc. Bas uzasno.
Neka mlada zena je plakala napolju. Na stiklicima, u sorc, u nekoj ruzicastoj bluze sedela cucnju i vristala, i plakala plakala u noc.. a do njoj je bila ogromna kola kao sto naprimer VW touareg, i unutra bio jedan muskarac a drugij je bio do kola i pricao sa njim. Zena je strasno vrsitala i plakala, a oni njoj samo "cuti vise!" i opste nisu obracali paznju..
Ja nisam zvala policiju , uplasila sam se.
Prekjuce mene zamalo ogrebao nekij kreten, nekij krmak neobrijanij. Isto vozio neke velike kola, nekij porse. I taj poceo da vriste na mene..rekao mi da sam kurva, da moram da ucutim, inace otsece mi glavu. Njegova kola nije imala broj. i dosao on je zato sto doveo kuci kurvu, koja zivi u nasoj zgradi.
Kad sam drala na nega jedan komsija rekao da cutim..samo sapuceo "cuti,cuti!"
Osecala sam mnogo lose. Vec jednom sam zvala u policiju, niko nije dosao. uplasila sam se. ova mafija ima jake veze.
osecam se mnogo lose..sta ako je ta devojka je stvarno u traffickingu, sta onda..a ja nisam ni pokusala..nisam bas mogla skroz..mislim, moramo srediti plan..tako da bi nazvala drugaricu u drugom gradu a ona bi nazvala policajce na moju ulicu.
Plasim se da ne upadnem u nesto ovako...strah mi je
Ponekad, ustvari uvek jako mrzim neke odvratne ljude.



Libra, please

I these series also, but they are out of bronze


Just realised

that I like Kenzo's perfumes of 90's.
I got for free the huge tester of Parfum D’Ete , as the factory is not making them anymore, and they didn't have in the stock either.

This is how it smells :"Light and slightly green, Parfum D’Ete doesn’t have top notes, but shines with all of its components at once, while the note of jasmine lends its sensual accord to this composition, along with freshly-picked cyclamen, gorgeous hyacinth and sweet peach blossom. The green accord is composed of leafy greens, green herb juice, lily-of-the-valley and lotus. It was created in 1992.
Fragrance Notes

Jasmine Hyacinth Peach Blossom Lily-of-the-Valley Lotus "
But ,of course, nothing is better than "Le monde est beau"

Something else that I've realised is that the alcohol under the microscope is just so magnificent.
Check out my profile icon, it's tequilla. Check out more http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/alcohol-is-microscopically-beautiful-bif

lisant Une Gourmandise

I really want sashimi right now...or maybe even more to come home at last. Take off my high-heels, put on smth colourful (I'm wearing black-n-white on a daily basis,as it's our dresscode)

Sun in the sky you know how I feel

anyone who feels like crap at the moment knows how I feel.
It's kind of hard..and I really don't know why.
All fucking night long this stupid guy was picking on me, whereas others..it's strange..it's sort of like if you are not rude or impolite than you will not do the job correctly
I'm disgusted and sad.
Why it's not always about the enjoyment?!
Why the friends get lost, why they don't keep in touch? fucking why?

What's the matter with you, rock?

Early mornings in the beautiful resto with Nina Simone
Lying and working

False optimism. Valid during many months

The other night I was dreaming that I was baking bread. I made so many loaves. I was taking them out from the oven and they were so warm, so nicely done. I saw hands taking them. I prepared them for specific people upon their requests.
I was thinking that lately my life resembles the roller-coaster. There are no "falls", but there is certainly very vivid and clear feeling as if you are about to fall and fall really badly, yet you go into another tunnel, you lose your breath making another vigorous turn, you are about to throw up from dizziness, adrenaline, fear, excitement.
There are so many things that I would like to talk about..but in person. I guess, it won't happen soon, if ever.
I feel like I've lost the connection with most of you.
Yesterday I was asked how do I see myself in the next 5 years. This question made me laugh inside myself as it was sort of "not that appropriate" for the situation. However, I thought about it after the interview, I thought about my answer to it. There are so many changes I would like to happen within next 5 years, I really want and hope to stay happy. This feeling..was sort of.."daring to imagine" what I would like to happen. hmmmm
I'm so used to this crazy crazy routine of things, actions, events that seem very unusual and somewhat not normal in many ways to most of the people, it feels like I'll always be there..there in the middle of this whirlpool of circumstances, conditions started and not finished projects and plans the targets of which seem so faraway if achievable at all. I'm afraid to believe that they are achievable.
I hope it will come true, I hope I will be happy then as well.
Listening to Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela.